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D I N N E R S (Local, International)

Silver Jubilee Dinner / Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut, 6 November 2008
On November 6, 2008 the society celebrated its silver jubilee at the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel (Beirut-Lebanon) in the presence of H-H Sheikha Jawaher al Qassimi’s representative Dr. Amina Marzouki.









The Society honored Ms. Sahar Muakasa and Mr. Ricardo Karam for their role in enabling the Society to open its international parade and their faithful persistence in helping the Society to fulfill its objectives.








Annual Dinner / Biel Beirut, 19 May 2007
In the same context of Fund-raising events the Society organized its annual Dinner on 19 May 2007. Chritina Sawaya, former Miss Lebanon was Master of the Ceremony. She introduced the Society latest activities & future plans.
Tony Baroud presented parts of his stand up theatre play ( Kilmtein Alwakf)
Tha Musician Elias Rahbani amused the guest by his rare anecdotes.
The event was closed with the elegant singer Graziella.    

Traditional Marriages in Oriental and Occidental Societies, 21 February 2004
The subject of the dinner is “Customs and Traditions of Marriages in Oriental and Occidental Societies”.
At the dinner the Ambassador/speaker speaks about the special customs and traditions of his/her country and a corresponding ceremony of a wedding is presented to introduce this social aspect.

The Ambassadors/speakers:

bullet H.E Boris Bolotine/Russia  
bullet H.E Franco Mistretta/ Italy  
bullet H.E Hassan Dirar / Egypt  
bullet H.E Naziha Zarrouk/Tunesia  
bullet H.E Abdallah Sayrawani/Indonesia

Country: Russia
Capital: Moscow
Geographic Location: Area between Europe, Asia and North Pacific Ocean
Area: 17 million square km
Population: 150 million
Weather Characteristics: continental climate (-50 degrees/+25 degrees)

Country: Italy
Capital: Rome
Geographic Location: Meridian Part of Europe
Area: 301,323 square km
Population: 56,778,031
Weather Characteristics:

Country: Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Geographic Location: North- eastern Africa
Area: 1 million square km
Population: 70 million
Weather Characteristics:

Country: Tunisia
Capital: Tunisia City
Geographic Location: North Africa
Area: 162,155 square km
Population: 10 million
Weather: moderate (North) to dry (South)

Country: Indonesia
Capital: Jakarta
Geographic Location: 17,508 islands between Southeast Asia and Australia
Area: 2 million square km
Population: 228 million
Weather: Humid equatorial zone

Histoire d’un Costume, 26 April 2002

A dinner organized at Sheraton Coral Beach. Its theme was showing clothes considered to have brought good luck to its owners. There were 30 dresses shown by daughters or volunteers with an original photo of the owner and the occasion projected on a giant screen. Speakers telling about costumes and good luck were:

Sabah the famous singer
Elias Rahbani the famous music composer
Georgina Rizk Miss Universe 1972

Gizelle Khoury TV speakreen
Debra Abi Rached an American-Lebanese lady

Flower Fashion Show, 6 June 2001
A dinner organized at the “St George-Yakht Club”. Its theme was to dress girls in natural flowers and let them parade around the pool. A jungle with fierce animal statues was built to comply with the atmosphere. The designer “Fouad Sarkis” showed a collection in the same context with a mermaid beginning the show by swimming out of the pool.


Afrahouna, 18 March 1999
A dinner organized at the “Royal Plaza Hotel-Beirut”. Its theme was meant to show the Abayas the society produced in the context of income generating. There was supposed to be a wedding where groups came to congratulate from Arab countries. They put the traditional Abayas and danced while a folkloric group was performing a traditional wedding show.
A modern group participated by showing the models of the designer Jamil Khansa”.

First Annual Dinner, 1 June 1996
The first Dinner the Society organized 1996 at the Sheraton-Coral Beach Hotel  was an announcement about our activities & plans with entertainment & warm atmosphere. A Lebanese Folkloric Dance Group entertained the guests & opened the party by a cheerful greeting. The talented Fashion Designer Fouad Sarkis astonished the guests with his creative elegant designs.


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