We are twenty-six years old active as fourteen & mature as forty, that made the difference in our scope of work, which widened to embrace national issues. We will always be active in the welfare domain but the emphasis will be on the problems in social & human infrastructure. Most pending are:

Social Awareness


Women Empowerment

For those problems we have plans conforming with reality & programs to change it gradually.
Since last February we were working with Amideast on a program to promote awareness. The target was achieved given the deep impact the play on the spectators. Accountability, the missing factor in our national performance, was presented in the context: If practiced it would resurrect our political life.

Our current engagement is “Women Empowerment” to make up for the historical injustice endured by Lebanese women. A convention will be held in April to initiate the program, which comprises of three steps:

Women Voters


Women Candidate


Advocating a political quota for women

For Women Voters: We will campaign through the media & try to involve it as a partner.
We will depend on intensive field- work to get in contact with simple as well as educated women. We will discuss in meetings, seminars & home visits the importance of making the right choice. There will be explanation about the criteria for the right choice & the personal evaluation, to replace the common choice dictated by male members of the family.

For Women Candidates: We will organize their electoral campaigns to give them a moral & physical push they’ll certainly need to be able to face the financial torrents & domineering alliances.

For political quota: We will address the Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations achieve this aim which will train people’s minds to the fact that women can be as capable & efficient as men.

The “Society of Lebanon the Giver, decree no. 157/AD” is a non-profit organization established in 1983 to deal with social problems. Its main concern is development and help, which varies from educational, cultural to social awareness. It is an income generating society and our policy is the creation of projects that will result in financial returns, thereby availing funds for assisting the needy and creating job opportunities. We worked in the following fields: Education, Training, Marketing, Health and Institutionalization.
Members: 735 distributed in 17 branches in cities, towns and villages of Mount Lebanon.

The Administrative Committee

President Hayat Arslan
Vice president Latife Nakadi
Secretary Diala Talhouk
Accountant Wafic Fayad
Treasurer Youssef Abdel Khalek
Advisor Ikram Harmouche
Advisor Sabah Hamze
Social Affairs Director Rima Kadi
Cultural Affairs Director Maria Diab

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