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The “Society of Lebanon the Giver 157/AD” is a non-profit organization established in 1983 to deal with social problems. Its main concern was and still is those who need help. The help varies from economic, educational, cultural, to social awareness. It is an income generating society our policy was not to ask for donations but rather to earn them. We worked in the following fields:
bullet Education
bullet Training
bullet Marketing
bullet Health
bullet Institutionalization

Established (New Generation school-Hasbaya/decree no. 2953

Established a technical school in Aley 1997
Established the “Lebanese Artisanal Co-Operative 526/1” 1993
Established the LWLC in partnership with the GLC in Toledo-Ohio 2001

Established the “Committee for Sofar Festivals no 94/AD” 1994

Established the “Hasbaya Infirmary for women” 2002
Project headquarters- ongoin
Established a committee in New York 2007
November 2008: Beirut Silver Jubilee dinner
April 2008: New York Annual dinnerMarch 2008 : UAE

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